Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another weird dream

I had a weird dream last night or this morning just before I woke up.

I normally don't remember my dreams, so this one has the unusual honour of sticking in my memory. Nevertheless, I only remember very sketchy bits.

I dreamt I was at Pulau Perhentian with a bunch of people whom I can't remember, except for Rudi. We decided to go diving, but I didn't have any equipment. We got on a boat and went to Tanjung Basi dive site. Or maybe it was Batu Nisan, I'm not sure. But it was somewhere off the Perhentian Besar island.

When we arrived at the dive site, we looked for the mooring line. We soon spotted it and Rudi dived in to retrieve it. There were some other boats with people nearby, but none of them were divers. They just looked at us and then went off. The next thing I remember, two guys with their wetsuits and full gear backrolled into the water from our boat.

Unfortunately I was just in my t-shirt and shorts and therefore could not dive. I do not know why I went out on a dive boat without any equipment whatsoever. The rest of us decided to leave the two guys floating in the water while we went to the nearest dive centre to rent equipment and tanks. I think we intended to return to the same site and join those two guys for a dive. As we sped off, the two guys were just floating there, looking lost. They did not descend for their dive. Again, I do not know why. I felt a bit bad for "abandoning" them there. I thought they might get run over by a passing boat if they continued to just float around like that.

And that's as much as I can remember.


CHARIS said...

Hesitation in taking action? Fear of not being prepared? Of regreting a choice made? Okie, Mister Lok, that's enough psychoanalysing from me. It's 2.30am, and you're probably in dreamland wondering about in another weird adventure.

lina said...

I think the lack of nitrogen saturation in your bloodstream may not caused any evident mental or physical trauma... but it is definitely playing some tricks in your head =P

Don't worry... it will all go away when you do your first dive in 2008 =D

Anonymous said...

The dreams means you need to go dive somewhere else besides Perhentian. Lembeh in Feb? Maldives in Oct maybe?

HL said...

charis: Thanks for the psychoanalysis. Your assessments are quite plausible. Do you have a Danielic gift of dream interpretation?

lina: I think you just described the newly discovered medical condition called "Hypohaemonitrosis" which presents in symptomatic hallucinations of underwater experiences. Haha.

TL: Lembeh and Maldives fall in another category of "dreams". Let me sleep over it. :)