Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I know it's not so good to get into too melancholic a mood, but I was just thinking, more than half the world celebrates Christmas under the blazing sun or torrential rain. No winter or snow whatsoever. So our "traditional" Christmas is clearly set in a very Northern Hemisphere-ish Euro-American culture. Well, just a thought. But it would be nice if it snowed in KL though. I mean, maybe just once. Aye?

Overall, this year's Christmas has been good, although I did not get a Canon 40D. Either Santa Claus doesn't exist, or I've been a naughty boy. Yeah, right.

OK OK, let me get my perspective right: Christmas is about Jesus Christ, not about me.

I've been listening to Bebo Norman's Christmas album over the past two weeks, and I like Track #1 the most. It's "Come and Worship". I also like Track #2, "Born to Die." I think that sums up the message of Christmas.

And, as I dwell on some preliminary end-of-year reflections, I can only say that it has been a good year for me. Praise the Lord. However, I also realize that this year has been a time of deepest grief and anguish for some.

If I could live this year again, I wouldn't do anything differently, except perhaps I would make the time to do at least one dive trip. :P OK, even that's not such a big deal after all. I've found that the lack of nitrogen saturation in the bloodstream does not cause serious mental or physical impacts. I can live without it.

I also wonder if the world would have turned out different today if I had bought Canon instead of Nikon. Haha. Again, trivial issues, in comparison with the incomparably more important matters of life and death that have filled the pages over the past year. My heart is more deceitful than I realize...

I shall search my soul a little bit more in the coming days as the new year approaches.


lina said...

Happy Boxing Day!!!!

Suggestion for the day : go to a shopping mall, find a bench, sit there and watch...

Don't know why I am telling you that but just felt the need to =D

The Shrimp said...

Hehe, interesting reflections :)

memory_Lane said...

Just the other day I was sharing with a good friend over lunch how awesome and magical it felt experiencing my first white christmas many years ago overseas. Yeah, it sure brings back the good old memories. Coming back here is hot, hot and hot...sweat, sweat and more sweat :S Still wonder how anybody can live in such condition.
So in such a weather on Christmas day 2 days ago, I allowed Michael Buble to cool me down and usher in the Christmas mood (which is so lacking) with his awesome Christmas CD. It's a collection of just 5 songs but oh so very nice. hahaa... Love his voice :P

HL said...

The best way to reflect is on a beach facing the sunset... or on a sailboat riding the wind... ahhhh