Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Wash My Car

1. My car usually gets dirty again within three hours of washing. So what’s the point?
2. Rain can do the job.

3. Leaving the layer of naturally deposited dirt on the car will prevent more dirt from sticking.

4. Once in a while, if I feel that I need to give the wheels and undercarriage a wash, I’ll drive through a puddle.

5. My car is grayish-silver in colour, which is strategically designed to mask dirt.

6. My car never complains that it is dirty, or sticky, or uncomfortable.
It still performs as usual.
7. I show love to my car in other ways, e.g. I service it at regular intervals, I brake gently, I don’t accelerate hard, I take corners slowly, etc.

8. Car washing is a wasteful use of water, which is a precious natural resource that is better used for drinking and bathing.

9. Car washing consumes chemicals and energy which are finite resources. These chemicals (car shampoo, detergents, polishes, etc.) are then washed into our rivers and groundwater.

10. Washing a car merely transfers the dirt elsewhere – into the drains and rivers and ultimately to the sea. The dirt and chemicals then recirculate in our planet’s ecosystem, and we drink water from the same rivers and eat sea food from the same sea into which we dump our dirt.

11. OK OK, I do wash my car – on average once a month when I notice that the colour has changed from silver to gray.

If you wish to take this post seriously, just read points 8, 9 and 10.