Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday

She turned one today.

It seems like just yesterday when I brought her back from the showroom on that fateful evening of 28 December 2006...

...still wrapped in plastic... smelling "fresh" and new... with less than double digits on the odometer.

The feeling as I pulled away from the showroom was one of expectant excitement and nostalgic sadness.

Excited at the new possibilities and adventures that my new one could provide me.

Saddened by having to part with my old faithful that had served us well for so many years.

I've clocked 20,000 km in this first year. She's performed very well. There was some minor rattle from the door, but it was fixable. Her appetite is very modest. On a long haul journey, I've managed to hit about 700km on a full tank.

Let's see where we've been together... Penang once, Cameron Highlands twice, Ipoh twice, Port Dickson twice, Melaka once.

There were some anxious moments, as she got kissed on her behind twice within one month (some people find her too attractive). Thankfully the trauma was not major. She survived after a few hours of treatment in the outpatient clinic.

She's a tough one.

Here's to many more years to come.

But first I gotta pay off the dang bank loan.



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