Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maximum returns

I do not understand why Umno has to send someone all the way to London to seek the advice of a Queen's Counsel on the Perak political quagmire when there are so many lawyers back home in KL. But since they're already asking the QC, I thought it would make cents if they also threw in a few other questions just to maximize the returns on their consultation time. Questions like, What was the original intention and spirit of the ISA, since it was the British who started the idea of preventive detention? Should the ISA be used against Communist insurgents only, or against anyone in general? Where have all the Communist insurgents gone?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Farewell, Markus

Gazing at the late Markus Ng as he lay in peace in the casket, I couldn't help but notice the poignancy of the items that lay there beside him: A bilingual English-Chinese Bible, a black cap with the words "Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia" proudly embroidered in gold across the front, a box of his name cards with the credentials "Anak Bangsa Malaysia", and some colourful guitar picks. No doubt, they were symbols of his passion and purpose in life, and even in death.

I thought to myself... What can I take with me when I go? What will I leave behind?

In his "short" life of 23+ years on earth, Markus has made a big impact in many people's lives. It's ironic that many of us who were touched by his life didn't realize it until he was gone. He leaves us his legacy.

I do not understand why God called Markus home so early and so suddenly, but I know God's ways are higher than ours. God's will is perfect, so we rest assured. Yea, Markus' life was short, but definitely full.

Markus, you were one of those guys I would have liked to get to know better. Your youthful passion tempered with mature ideals belied a man beyond your years. Your burning desire to see a diverse yet united nation of Malaysia was visionary and exemplary. Truly, you were more than qualified to carry the title "anak bangsa Malaysia". Your love for God was as great as your love for your neighbour. Your commitment to the cause of justice shone as bright as your friendly smile. I was impressed by your poetic eloquence in Bahasa Malaysia, in those pantun that you often posted on Facebook. It's a pity I only found out at your wake that you had so many other accomplishments, and played the guitar and sang so well. And I'm sorry I still haven't attended any of those anti-ISA candlelight vigils which you talked excitedly about.

You have fought the good fight,
you have finished the race,
you have kept the faith.

I know you are in an incomprehensibly better place, the best place ever. But those of us who linger on here on earth will still miss you, because we're just human. I know some will miss you much more than others will, and the grief may wash in and out of our consciousness over time. We'll meet again, but in the meantime, you are not with us, and that hurts.

I thank God for your life that you have shared with us. I thank you for inspiring us.

Now, I am challenged to live another day, and to make it count for eternity.
Live with no regrets.

Markus Ng Chung Yau
06 May 1985 - 04 February 2009

Anak Bangsa Malaysia