Sunday, January 06, 2008

First week of 2008

Here's some pictures from the first week of this year. I know, my life does get kinda mundane after a while. Same old pictures... :P

First limau ais of 2008


Nervous koi

Aquarium at the mamak restaurant

The Curve


And then I went to Cameron Highlands over the weekend...

Spider in Tanah Rata

Morning spider


Orange orchid



Purple fence

Dewy poinsettia

Up the hill, through the woods

The gate on the narrow way

I've got some more pictures, but it's too tedious to upload them here. So, they're all in my Facebook album.


sodium chloride said...

Limau ais without ais? :)

HL said...

You are very sharp... yes indeed, due to global warming all the ice melted. Haha. No, my mistake, it was actually limau suam. About 58 degrees C. :P

enn@j said...

In case you are wondering, I dont believe we know each other but somehow succumbed into your blog from fren's blog or fren's fren punya blog

Just a quick line to say nice pics and enjoyed your humour :)

HL said...

Hi enn@j,
Thanks. God bless you.