Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Highland Hopping

I was in Cameron Highlands recently, and managed to catch the following pixels...

Magic tap in Bidor

World-class "wu kok" yam thingy

Heavenly duck noodles

Bharat Tea Plantation

Green tea

Vertical divergence

The chase

Sweeping left



Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was dressed like one of these. Matthew 6:29

Pretty in pink

Morning glory looking just as glorious in the afternoon

Sideways pink


A little bit of civilization

When you go to the dentist...

Itchy ears

Felis domesticus


Welcome to the Toes-masters Club

White on green


Global warming

Late night out

The window pecker



On a slant

Kea Farm

For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him. Psalm 103:11



How 'bout some radish?

Take your pick


Don't blink




Through the valley

Down the line

Double rainbow

The covenant promise of God... Genesis 9:12-17

Take me home


yltan said...

like the shots of your beemer

lina said...

oh wow... I just love the rainbow photos (and of course all the other photos are good shots as well =D). Yar... rainbows = God's promises =)

lina said...

oh wait... care to share the secret to the magic tap, please?

HL said...

yltan: Too bad it's not my beemer. And I didn't even get to drive it. :P

lina: There's no secret. It was just there and I took a shot of it... OK, here's how it works: There's a transparent plastic pipe carrying water up to the tap, and the water flows down on the outside of the pipe. Voila! Simple trick.

lina said...

hah... like that ar? *scratching head* ok... I will meditate and stare at the photo when I have the time and try to see the transparent pipe... hmmm... your photo taking skills must have improved tremendously... ;-)

sue said...

Always, always so beautiful...s-p-e-e-c-h-l-e-s-s.

CH said...

what with u and felix the cat?? always cats...
but those are nice photos...irregardless...and how come the tap is soooo funny wan??

CW said...

i still can't figure out ur tap pic. very cool. btw, where u took the pic of woo kok & duck noodle la?

el'z said...

the toes-masters pix looks so cool! woa... where did u spot em'? the pink flowers are really sweet... hmmmph...? ... ...

they've got bits of cobweb on it too? nice...

JC said...

1. When I was at the rainbow pic... The Carpenters were singing 'when there's no getting over that rainbow' lol

2. Seen the 'magic' water tap before.. somewhere..

3. If I'm to take pic from the car like that.. I'll probably have to say bye bye to my camera.. :p

4. great pics!! Wonder when I can start taking pictures like that. Love the 'steaming' bowl...

Duh Dweller said...

How can one tell that it's a beemer? All I see is a silver car.

HL said...

lina: No need to meditate, just believe that there is a pipe there.

sue: Speechless? Thanks.

ch: Cats just love me, what can I say? The tap is an optical illusion la. See my reply #1 above.

cw: The yummy food was at the famous Kwong Heng in Bidor. The tap is an optical illusion la. See my reply #1 above.

el'z: The toes were looking very snug somewhere in Camerons. Yea, I didn't notice the cobwebs until I saw the pic on the big screen. It was drizzling, so I just took a quick shot and ran.

jc: Just stick the camera out of the window and fire away. You might have to stick half of your upper body out too. It's a great feeling.

duh: A car enthusiast would be able to tell by the shape of the fender and maybe the signal light. You can also spot the blue-and-white monogram on the wheel hub.

el'z said...

oh, ok ok. can u ask the sox owner where he/she got it fr plz? i also wan one !!

i would also like the pink flowers pix too.

that be 2 orders for today sir. thk u.

Shih Chung said...

love the road thrills, though I'm partially concerned about the safety of your equipment hanging out the window!

HL said...

el'z: I need to call in CSI to id the toes...

May I repeat your order... and would you like ketchup or chili sauce to go with it?

SC: Yea, and not just the equipment... I was also hanging out of the window... lovely feeling of the wind in my face.