Monday, September 24, 2007

Kota Kinabalu

5 reasons why I like KK (in random order):

1. Everywhere in KK is reasonably near to everywhere else.

2. It's got some pretty happening churches.

3. It's got good dive sites within 15 minutes of the city centre. If you have a long lunch break, you can go out, do a dive, and be back in office by 2PM. You can wake up on Saturday morning, do 3 dives, see some turtles and be back home by 7PM.

4. The sunsets are consistently gorgeous. The sky is actually blue.

5. The mountains are less than 2 hours away. And I mean, real mountains. Not hills. Need some exercise? Just climb Mt Kinabalu.

6. The different ethnic groups are better integrated compared to Peninsular Malaysia.

7. The seafood is pretty good. Well, I'm not sure if it's harvested from sustainable sources, or bombed out of the sea.

8. The diesel is cheaper. Well, not really cheaper. Just subsidized more. Thanks to Petronas!

Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side... :)


lina said...

hmmm.... the grass may well be greener ;) aahhh.... a dream come true for many =D

BTW, was that what you did when you were there? Diving during lunch time?

HL said...

No, I only dived on Saturday. But I know someone who did a lunch time dive. And then went back to office in shirt and tie and pants and shoes.

CW said...

Hey HL. Yeah, KK is nice.. good place for retirement too ;). BTW, I read a post frm Kebaktian, thanks to ur links. It's an excerpt of Rev Hwa Yung's article on immigration. Felt really God spoke to me thru this article as I've been considering to immigrate. Not to KK's too near.. haha!!

HL said...

Haleluya, puji Tuhan. This topic of migration can be rather "sensitive". I'm glad you have found some divine message online. God speaks in mysterious ways huh? Nevertheless, we shouldn't be too quick to judge those who choose to move elsewhere.

nicole said...

er... what is the summary of the message? I moved wor...What is the supposed judgment people like m face ar?

CW said...

Yeah, agree with u HL. Nicole, though I may not know u and vice-versa, sorry... dont mean to pass any judgement.
Additional comment...for folks with kids like me, migration is very tempting to escape the screwed up education system here.

HL said...

nicole: summary is, go where God leads you. easier said than done. :) only God can judge righteously. we humans judge hypocritically. anyway, nowadays people are so mobile. you could "migrate" somewhere, and "migrate" back later.

cw: yea, there's always pros and cons, assuming you have a choice in the first place. lots of people have zero opportunity to migrate.

Sunflower said...

my parents dunno where to go for good seafood in kk. adoi. but nevermind i got mom's cooking!!! ;)

HL said...

The places I've been... there's this "seafood square" next to Asia City and the cinema. And out of town is a place called Salut.

Anonymous said...

There's a seafood restaurant with cultural show in the city.

Don't go there, it's for gwailos and west msians who wanna be 'slaughtered'.

Go to New Gaya Seafood restaurant in Inanam!

Sunflower said...

ooo suggestions. *takes notes for future reference*

thanks dudes!