Monday, September 17, 2007

Chris Tomlin

I love this guy's music.



Here's the studio version of Made To Worship,

You may also want to check out the "music video" of this song.

And here's the live recording of the same song...

Oh, and I love this one too, although it's not by Chris Tomlin... this is Majesty (Here I Am) by Delirious?


The Shrimp said...

I like "Indescribable". Chris Tomlin sounds so free-spirited in his worship.

Duh Dweller said...

My US pastor's daughter is married to the bass guitarist of Delirious? I saw them live in concert 2 years ago. There were so many young korean kids at the concert hall, I wasn't expecting that.

HL said...

udang: yes, if only more Christians sang like this in church...

duh: wow, you know someone who is related to Delirious? i'm not sure about the Delirious?-Korea connection, but i guess it could be due to the fact that such a large percentage of Korea is Christian.