Sunday, September 16, 2007

Calvary's Love

We sang this song this morning...

Greg Nelson & Phill McHugh

Calvary's love will sail forever
Bright and shining, strong and free
Like an ark of peace and safety
On the sea of human need
Through the hours of all the ages
Those tired of sailing on their own
Finally rest inside the shadow
Cast by Calvary's love across their souls

Calvary's love, Calvary's love
Priceless gift Christ makes us worthy of
The deepest sin can't rise above
Calvary's love, Calvary's love

Calvary's love can heal the spirit
Life has crushed and cast aside
And redeem till heaven's promise
Fills with joy once-empty eyes
So desire to tell the story
Of a love that loved enough to die
Burns away all other passions
And fed by Calvary's love, becomes a fire

Calvary's love has never faltered
All its wonders still remain
Souls still take eternal passage
Sins atoned and heaven gained


kat said...

yah! this song is so meaningful. the words, so moving. we're so blessed to know we're carried in the arms of grace and love divine :)

HL said...

the words are powerful, and the melody just fits the pensive mood...

Jonathan said...

hmm... to me, there's this sense of triumph. a rousing finale comes

HL said...

Yes, that too. It's a firm message of undeniable hope.