Sunday, January 25, 2009


Happy 牛 (Niu) Year!

May you be beefed up in the year ahead as we moove into a new era of challenges and opportunities.

Avoid ox-orbitant expenditures unless you're spending on other people.

Please respect one another, and try not to bulldoze your way ahead just to milk your profits.

I will not be cowed by your ox-ymoronic bovine intentions.

Put your trust in God and not in bullish markets. The golden cow is just a parad-ox.


Rudi said...

Your whole post is udder bull. I've never herd such cud.

I'm missing all the grazy festivities while at RBS. Hopefully I might start losing some pounds then thanks to bullimia. The steaks are high, you see.

Hmmmm... trying to milk this for all its worth... not very amoosing...

Okay, someone give me the hoof.

Bovine intervention may be necessary.

HL said...

Kowtow to the matador! The most ebullient country this year must be Bulgaria. So, cowabunga dudes!

ge said...