Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The old song says that “love is a many-splendoured thing”, but reality tells us that “love” can be bittersweet.

Through the medium of live theatre, touring theatre company Footstool Players explores the themes of love, courtship, marriage and family relationships in their new production Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

The play is a collection of sketches, a mix of comedy and drama, but all thought-provoking in some way in highlighting issues pertaining to relationships. There’s innocence, idealism, joy, humour, reassurance, hope, regret, heartbreak, sorrow, and more – everything that comes with that “crazy little thing called love”!

You’ll laugh, you’ll weep. But most importantly, you’ll also think – and perhaps also discover.

The play runs for approximately 120 minutes, excluding a 15-minute intermission, and is suitable for ages 10 to 100!


Come and watch me perform! Haha. Yea, right. I'll be one of the men-in-black scurrying around to move stage props in the darkness between scenes. I got roped in as a special forces replacement agent as the company is short of stagehands (the stage manager will be going overseas for a few days). But I'll be "performing" only in the debut show on 6th September and the following night.

I've had the privilege of sitting in and watching the past two rehearsals, and I must say that the production is very good. They practice really hard. Imagine rehearsals from 5PM to midnight. So, go watch CLTCL. They'll be touring a number of churches in September and October, and performing at KLPac in early November.

P/s. Try to spot me in the poster above. :)


ge said...

i see you!!! :) saw you when i looked at the poster in church awhile back. hehe.. wonder if you'd do the same to the love of your life? ;)

Elena Lee said...

eh?! you blog too! hahahaha... just dropping by! =p

Elena Lee said...

btw, will be linking ya soon! hahaha..

snôflek said...

see, this is exactly what i missed - theatres and dramas! if you see one of my latest post, you will understand :D

Paul said...

You're now into acting? About time!! :-)

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

oooh ho ho i found your blog!!!

HL said...

ge: :)

elena: Yes boss!

snoflek: Come and watch at KLPac.

paul: I specialize in moving furniture silently in the dark.

linora: Yay, congrats!

Elena Lee said...

"Specialize in moving furniture silently in the dark?!?!" HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! you rock man.... make things sound so cool! lol.... I know that reply is not meant for me, but.. it just caught my attention.. lol..stop calling me boss! yes..I'm boss and I'm telling you not to call me boss! better listen to me.

Paul said...

Not easy to move furniture in the dark! LOL

I had it easier recently as "stage manager" for a magic show. I at least had a huge curtain I could close (and open) and the back stage had lights so I could move furniture and props without hurting myself!

Nice to be able to do behind the scenes work on a production. It was fun.