Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mimpi Obama

I had another weird dream two nights ago.

I dreamed that Barack Obama was visiting one kampung (village) somewhere in Malaysia, and I happened to be there too. So I shook his hand.

Later on, my mom showed up too, and I told her I shook hands with Obama but she didn't believe me. Just then, Obama, who was mingling at a house across the road, turned around and my mom was surprised to see him there (yup, just like I told her).

Suddenly, Obama's bodyguards started rushing around. There was a commotion, and people were running down the street. I heard some sirens, and saw Malaysian policemen on their white police bikes coming down the road. Obama and his bodyguards were walking briskly in single file along the side of the road, in my direction.

Amidst the commotion, it appeared that the police were there to arrest Obama. I'm not sure if there were 15 police bikes, but the scene was getting too weird, so I woke up.


anon#1 said...

LOL ;P – has someone joined the Obama fanclub?

his “Dreams From My Father” is an interesting read – a poignancy there which reminds me of Ravi Zacharias’ “Walking from East To West: God in the Shadows”

perhaps coz both autobiographies have similar themes of dad issues, being-the-outsider issues, restlessness and searching ….

el'z said...

your obama dream seem to share some similiar features with our ex-DPM (i.e. a herd of police cars + u shook hands with him once too)? =p

either that or USA seem close at heart to you that you even dream of politics there? :)


HL said...

anon#1: Obama for President!

el'z: Yes. :)