Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Gajah vs pelanduk

There is a Malay saying that goes something like "gajah sama gajah bertempur, pelanduk mati di tengah" which, translated, means "when elephants fight, the mousedeer that is caught in the middle gets killed."

The way I see it, the present unfolding drama that is gripping the nation is a four-cornered fight between four big elephants:

2. PM wannabe #1/Najib
3. PM wannabe #2/Anwar
4. PM wannabe #4/Ex-PM/Mahathir

And, ladies and gentlemen, we are the mousedeer.

But mousedeer are known to be smart, as portrayed in Malay folklore. Even Parameswara was impressed.

So, still got hope la. :)

*I refer to pelanduk and kancil both as mousedeer, though some people might argue that the two are not the same.

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lina said...

Actually, if you can recall all those stories about Sang Kancil we were taught when we were in primary school... Don't you think Sang Kancil seem to be more manipulative than smart? I mean... Sang Kancil is smart but what makes this creature stands out is how "it" manipulates those around. Smartness has its own folly... Sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga (something like that). Anyway... just rambling along =)