Sunday, March 09, 2008


I asked this question on Facebook on 23rd September 2007:

How many seats will BN win in the coming general elections? (The person with closest/ most accurate answer gets a Starbucks pastry and drink from me).


And these are the answers I got, in chronological order:

JamesL: 12 (answered on 23 Sept 2007)

EdwardLSM: 189 - provided the seats remain at 219. This means opposition wins about 30 seats. Currently non-BN holds 198 seats. Pas 7, DAP 12, Keadilan 1 and independant 1. I predict opposition/independant to win 9 more seats making a total of 30 non-BN MPs in the p
(answered on 23 Sept 2007)

JTLeong: my lulu take on this - 188
(answered on 23 Sept 2007)

SWong: hmmm, for the sake of the starbucks pastry and kopi, i'll take a guess.... 170 (answered on 24 Sept 2007)

GrayT: 60% majority... (answered on 24 Sept 2007)

(There were no more answers after 24th September 2007)


The stunning results of the general election that happened yesterday:

BN = 140 seats (63%)

BR = 82 seats (37%)

I'm referring to Parliamentary seats only.


And so the winner of the Starbucks pastry and drink is... *drumroll*

Mr. Gray Tan! With an astonishingly accurate answer!!!

Mr. Tan, please call me to claim your prize*.

Terms and conditions:
* Prize must be claimed before the next general election.
* Not exchangeable for cash.
* Not transferable.
* Not valid with any other offers or promotions.
* I choose which Starbucks to go to.

BTW, it's no longer useful to simply refer to "BN" versus "Opposition" as we used to, because BN is now the opposition in five states. Thus, the term "opposition" can also refer to BN, depending on which state we're talking about. And the "Opposition" is now the ruling government in five states, so they shouldn't be given the blanket label of opposition.


jedibaba said...

Er... do we also stone the prophets who got it wrong? Maybe with marshmallows?
Seriously, a great day in Malaysian history indeed!

HL said...

Hello jedibaba, what an honour to have you grace my blog with your esteemed presence.

Yea, false prophets should be stoned with marshmallows, preferably strawberry flavoured ones, I mean, the marshmallows, not the prophets. But I wonder who will cast the first stone, er, I mean, marshmallow...?