Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Take a break

Let's take a break from the Lingamgate debacle, and enjoy some breath-taking sights from the top of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge a.k.a. Bukit Tabur.

The reservoir that supplies drinking water to downtown KL

The jagged quartz ridge, weathered by the elements

KL in the distance


JC said...

Really breath taking indeed. My friend seems to like Bkt Tabur a lot that she went there for a few times just to snap photos.

CHARIS said...

Poor me, haven't yet had the privilege to be there!You need to take me there sometime. Only fowarned, Tahan days are long and gone for me. If I can manage Gasing Hill, it would be an accomplishment indeed!

bbear said...

oo nice scenery...definitely worth the effort of carrying your gear all the way :)