Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amnesia Attack

Amnesia seems to be latest epidemic to hit senior Malaysians, especially those with legal and political backgrounds. I've been sporadically following the proceedings of the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Lingam tape controversy, and I'm just getting sick and tired of all this nonsense.

It's incredulous that so many bright minds have suddenly gone dim, and can't remember names or events from a mere six years ago. They're making a mockery of the judicial system. At best, they're plain comical. At worst, they're downright contemptuous. They should be whipped for their blatant lies.

Yea, I'm a bit ashamed to call myself a Malaysian when I see such debacles unfolding in the halls of justice of the land. I certainly hope truth will prevail in the end, because right now truth dies a thousand deaths each time one of the "witnesses" takes the stand.

People, it's time to make a change. Deny BN their two-thirds majority in the coming elections. No, the nation will not crumble into racial riots, anarchy and chaos if BN loses. On the contrary, we will grow stronger when we get rid of the self-serving old fogeys who have been in power for too long.

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lina said...

Well, Lokkie... how do I put this? This is the cold hard truth about our legal justice system...there's this buddy relationship between them and politics... I scratch your back and you scratch my back. With the election coming up, what's a better time to create some publicity and be primadonnas? Both are getting the much needed publicity.

My opinion about this Lingam's case and the big hoo hah in the RC's inquiry... it's just a big stage play.

Yar... At first I thought finally the Bar Council decided to cut the puppet strings and stand up for once for what we lawyers are suppose to uphold (the Walk of Justice) but recent happenings in the BC has proven my assumption wrong. Long story... but to cut the story short, the BC "got rid" of someone who can make a difference and who, during his 5 or 6 years tenure there, worked in unconventional ways to bring back the dignity of the legal profession.

So... truth prevails? I think not but I will leave room to be proven wrong.

Try not to get too worked out about these issues... the one sure thing we can do is to pray... and yup... go for the election and elect as God prompts... difficult as may be but for me, I will not allow my anger or bitterness to cloud my decision making.