Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Resolutions 2008

The standard question that follows the "Happy New Year" greeting seems to be "So, what's your new year resolutions?"

I've thought about it just a little bit, and so here's some of mine...

1. Love like I've never been hurt
2. Dance like nobody's looking
3. Eat like there's no cholesterol
4. Sing like nobody's listening
5. Run like there's five pit bull terriers chasing me
6. Learn how to use Photoshop to transform bad photos into nice photos, and nice photos into drop-dead gorgeous photos
7. Take photos like Bernard's
8. Decide once and for all whether to go with C or N, or both (crazy?!?)
9. Get my rescue diver certification
10. Read the whole Bible
11. Walk closer and more obediently with God
12. Rise on the wings of eagles

He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8


sodium chloride said...

Not gonna include Reefcheck EcoDiver certification on the list? :)

lina said...

wow... your reso 1-5 sounds like you had undergone very strict regime for the past year.Hmmm...

HL said...

NaCl: Yes yes, that too. I hope I can get leave to go.

lina: Huh? It's just some pep talk rhetoric to psyche myself up la. Haha.

memory_Lane said...

Honestly I haven't made new year's resolution(s) in a while. I'd rather make it along the way. Not just because a new year is beginning. Afterall .. everyday is a new day. Just a thought :)

Interesting read on the "In the Dilemma". I've read something to the same tune somewhere sometime ago...haha. You almost got me thinking that you were deliberating on a relationship between two girls! Gosh!!

pumpkin said...

C or N huh? Just go with both la! ;) You can take one out for special occasions and the other for everyday events for a year and then swap over for the next year! Process to be repeated for subsequent years... ;)

HL said...

memory_lane: Yea, resolutions can be made anytime. New year just seems to be a good time to make resolutions, especially those longer-term ones that follow the annual timeline.

pumpkin: If you bank in some British pounds into my account, maybe I can afford to keep both C and N.

memory_Lane said...

I agree. It's almost like a must do kinda thing each year because ppl never fail to ask you that question. I must admit I am one who cannot make a year long resolution. I make it as I see fit because anything longer than that would become redundant. Why do ppl call it "New Year's resolution"? Ever wonder?

CHARIS said...

Sorry Mister Lok, that no. 3 has gotta go. Abang bukan lagi muda sangat, tau tak? Mesti jaga jaga sikit. Nanti gadis manis pun terlepas!

HL said...

Some resolutions are lifelong, e.g. those things that you gotta keep on doing. We just renew our commitment every year.

Ya kak Charis, terima kasih kerana mengambilberat tentang kesihatan jasmani dan kesejahteraan rohani aku serta gadis manis. Aku bertekad akan lebih banyak bersenam, kurangkan makan nasi lemak dan lebih makan fajita dari Texas.

anon#1 said...

1. Work ( service my clients whole-heartedly ) like I have never been criticized ( left,right,centre ) before ( Colossians 3:23 )

2. Learn to take criticism constructively and humbly – to pause awhile to glean the truth in there, and be willing to improve, change and grow – instead of automatically jumping to self-defense and cursing the rest of the world

3. Develop healthier attitude towards work, like self-doubts about one’s “fit” ( or lack thereof ) for one’s job/field never existed before

4. Actively build bridges( reverse of Nehemiah ;) – not build walls, but bring down walls ), like I never had seemingly structurally-sound bridges collapse from right under my feet before

5. Learn to love people as they are ( not as what I want them to be ), like I have never been hurt before

Got it all worked out in THEORY.
Now let's see if it can work in PRACTICE *sigh*

ailsa said...

From the "behaviorist" point of view, some of these resolutions are no good. You got to make it observable and measurable, so that at the end of 2008 you can look back and say whether you have kept/achieved your resolutions.

For example number 12 - Rise on the wings of eagles. Haiyah, what do you mean by that? Literally? Rising above the storms of life? How do you know if you are rising on the wings of eagles?

Or number 2 - Dance like nobody's looking. You should write something like: Every sunday morning, I will dance for at least 10 minutes during praise and worship in church in an area where somebody will be looking.

Just having some fun here :D

nicole said...

am going to adopt a couple of your resolutions, if you don't mind :)

Chloe said...

Yes...I encourage you to LOVE like you have never been hurt!! And please decide to go with either a C or an N..same theory applies for everthing...not just camera... :p

All the best in your 2008 endeavours... :p

Catch up if u r in spore...:)

HL said...

anon#1: As Nike says, Just Do It. :)

ailsa: Thanks, but I think you're getting a bit too technical. :P

nicole: Sure, go ahead. I don't think there's any copyrighted stuff there. :)

chloe: C or N is a slightly different story la. I can have both. I can even add P or O or S if I'm crazy enough ;)