Monday, December 17, 2007

Mutually exclusive?

Our politicians are still living in the dark ages when they perpetuate the notion that public safety and freedom of expression are mutually exclusive, and that we have to choose one over the other. Hello? We need both. We will never be a truly "developed" society if we continue to portray a mask of stability that is merely held in place by oppressive laws.

I quote M. Bakri Musa,
"There is no safety without freedom. Suppressed, humans will ultimately erupt like a volcano, and with equally unpredictable devastations. Freedom without safety is anarchy. Safety and freedom are two sides of the same coin; each complements the other and both are hallmarks of civilized societies. “Safety” without freedom is illusory." You can read the full letter in Lim Kit Siang's blog.

Well, to be fair to our PM, he is put in a very difficult position. Managing the internal power struggles in the highest echelons of power is no joke. Let's pray that he turns over and really stamps his foot down on nepotism and corruption, and this time for real.

p/s Sorry for the recent spate of political posts. I shall endeavour to make my next post "softer" and more reader-friendly. Haha.

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