Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here we go again

The politicians in power have detained five Hindraf leaders under the evil ISA.

The boys in power had a golden opportunity to seriously discuss with the aggrieved parties about the heartfelt issues raised by the rakyat. Instead, the iron fist chose to silence dissenters with the I-Simply-Arrest.

Sure, the ISA arrests were done in the name of national security, but my heart is certainly not at peace.

How can we say we are on the road to developed nation status, when we continue to use oppressive laws against fellow citizens?

Sigh. Another black page in the history books.

Well, at least we know what the current batch of politicians are capable of. They are consistent. Just like their predecessors.

The question now is, do we want such politicians to lead us into the future?


HuiChuan said...

Hi Hwok Lok. I was just going to drop a note in the ibridge (spam) mail on the absence of discussion on the Hindraf issue. haha!

To me, I do think that there are more appropriate channels for whatever wants/needs to be done. And governing the peace and security (and sanity) of a nation, there are laws too.

While I might not want to offer my two cents on the whole issue, streets I think are best walked on with peace.

anon#1 said...

Gross injustice aside, what a politically stupid move on PM’s part- does nothing to help alleviate the negative (all-time low) perception of him - with elections just around the corner

Granted, hindraf went overboard ( which is a pity – sheer waste ( of support already mobilized and genuine sympathy initially garnered) – self-destructive and counter-productive ( well, maybe productive in a warped way – ie. the ISA arrests helped to highlight the ruthlessness and fear-ridden insecurity of the powers-that-be ) … but if PM insists on arresting them, the least he can do is grant trial

Even if it is a token/rigged ( in a typical Malaysia-anything-pun-boleh manner ) trial. Even if not for the sake of democracy, but for the sake of saving his own political skin. Would a farcical attempt to at least pretend to uphold justice/democracy be SLIGHTLY less stupid than a blatant ( un-apologetic, un-hidden, not even thinly veiled ) disregard for it?

But then of course, that’s not the issue. Stupidity is forgivable. Greed, Self-serving, Corruption, Draconian Ruthlessness ( zero understanding of the concept of democracy ), Bullying, Abuse of Power, Cruelty are less so.

Not too clued-in on the backlash/ after-effects of OpsLalang but looks like, EVEN something of THAT scale didn’t stop BN in the next elections. So ... how will it be different this time around?

ISA = Insidious.Suppression.Apparatus ( courtesy of K.Das )

HL said...

Yea, we the people are being taken for a ride by those power-hungry czars and young turks in the BN. It's time to stand up against their nonsense. The nation is going to implode if we allow the internal strife to continue. Forget about terrorists. The enemy is within.