Sunday, December 09, 2007

10 reasons why I hate Christmas

1. There is way too much emphasis on commercialism and Santa Claus-ism. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. But anyway, I shall not be a party pooper and spoil the festive mood.

2. I usually end up eating too much, and stuffing myself silly just because there is food served. This is my weakness -- if there is food on the table, I'll eat it.

3. Nobody has ever given me a Canon 40D for Christmas before, not even a second-hand one.

4. The festivities take so much effort to organize that I'm tired out by the thought of Christmas, rather than rejuvenated by it.

5. It never snows in KL. Fake styrofoam snow is the closest I can get to the real thing. Sure, I could fly to Antarctica and get snow all year round, but flying there would entail releasing carbon dioxide which will increase global warming and further reduce the possibility of ever snowing in KL.

6. There is so much wastage of wrapping paper at Christmas time. If you wanna give me a 40D, forget about wrapping it. In fact, I don't even need the box.

7. Post-Christmas holiday blues are exacerbated by work deadlines that don't go on holiday, but crouch and hide in the office, waiting to pounce on me when I go back on 2nd January.

8. I have to crack my head to decide who to buy Christmas presents for, and what to buy. But I'm improving slightly. Last year I only suffered a bruise on my forehead.
It's much easier to give birthday presents. By the way, what present do we give Jesus, since it is his birthday anyway.

9. Christmas carols can only be sung at Christmas. I mean, I like those songs, so why can't I sing them in April, or June? Why do people give me strange looks when I sing or play a Christmas carol in any month other than December? We don't know for sure the date of Jesus' birthday is, so it could well be in April, for all we know.

10. Christmas gets more attention than Easter, although Easter is more important, from a theological point of view. It's like celebrating the flagging off of a race, but neglecting the finishing line. Isn't it more important to know who won the race, rather than who started in pole position?

p/s. Pardon the exaggeration and hyperbole in my reflections above. I just wanted to rock the boat a little, using some dissuasive negative reverse psychology. I actually do like Christmas, to a certain extent. Heheh. ;P

Joy to the world!


Boone said...

Mr. Lee,

Don't be a party pooper. Let's all enjoy the festivities. I do agree with you that Easter should, but doesn't get the same limelight, at least not in Malaysia.

Commercialism is good for the economy, keeps it vibrant.

I'm with you on the xmas gifts. It's not about spending but finding the ideal gift.

I'm off to put up my tree and dig up my Xmas CDs and try to get into the spirit amidst all the crazy work deadlines.

Seasons greetings and Merry Xmas.

snĂ´flek said...

i know why you keep mentioning april, coz u secretly hope that Jesus was born on the same day as you! :p

btw, christmas is more commercialised here in japan. too bad the decors are so pretty but hv no meaning in the heart... said...

I've never really felt much for Christmas. But this year am more excited & joyous than usual, dunno why :)

I've played CDs of carols in June before. As for post-Christmas holiday blues and piled-up work deadlines, I recommend having no job, like me! Wheeee! :P

HuiChuan said...

the year end season scares me a lot, and honestly, although it's the celebration of Hope, i feel very little for all the hype that is going on around me.

The Shrimp said...

Hahha, I am sad to say, i really like Christmas!

I've been completely had by all the commercialism - those bright shiny decorations and tinkling lights make me feel warm and fuzzy - i think about family and friends and get-togethers.

Christmas also reminds me of Jesus as a baby, and how vulnerable He must have been - the human side of Jesus. I feel closer to Him knowing He is both God and Man, and understands all my human weaknesses. :)

anon#1 said...

what a sourpussy wet blanket - someone forgot to take his “happy pill” (?)

Dude, gotta be more “opportunistic” about this - the "commercialism” of the season provides a "back-door" in for us to share our faith. Santa Claus, Rudolph & gang can be our “friend” ( partners-in-crime ), not foe.

when else do we have a such a good excuse to “reach out” to our non-christian friends- especially workplace colleagues – not necessarily shove billygraham into their faces, but more small things like maybe giving them small ( inexpensive :P ) presents just to indirectly let them know that you care, they are in your thoughts, you are Christian, Christmas is important to you, and therefore u want to share some of Christmas with them etc. ( same goes for your cleaning lady, dustbin collector, road sweeper etc. - good time to share little material goodies/foodstuff which they will appreciate )

all this "lays the foundation" ( to continuously build on ) so to speak

harder to do things like that outside of "commercialized" festive seasons – coz that would make you look weird ( eg. unlike US, Australia etc., Easter in Malaysia isn’t commercialized ) Easter gets plenty enough attention in the church, why do we need to bring “commercial” attention to it anyway?

so carpe diem – seize the season -commercialism, Santa Claus and all :)

Jingle all the way!

HL said...

Wow, reverse psychology works! See, I got so many responses! And solid responses too. Hehehe. Thanks a lot for sharing your heartfelt opinions.

I shall repent of my pessimistic outlook and start pumping the economy with some spending. Does anyone know where I can buy a snow machine? :)

Gloria in excelsis Deo!

Paul said...

Hey, let's return to pessimisn! Let me throw some cold icy water on the party :-)

In the midst of our festivities, let us remember to do at least one practical and personal act of love for someone whom Christmas is either a time of great sadness (bereavement, loneliness etc) or even fear due to persecution.

It's a gift giving season and it is indeed better to give than to receive (and interestingluy, if we all give, we are also going to somehow receive)

lina said...

Wow... it is interesting to see the mixed responses to "Christmas".. I am still recovering from 3 weeks of late nights and "overdosed" of Christmas carols (and still more singing to come) and Christmas is not even here yet i.e. about 2 weeks away =D

Indeed tis a season of giving... and spreading joy to those "forgotten" ones.

A bunch of us went carolling at Sunway Medical and Pantai 2 weeks ago to spread some christmas cheer. We gave gift packs and sculptured balloons for the kids (and their parents) at the pediatric cancer ward... in returned we have received the best gift ever - smiles of the little ones =))

Next week... a group of us will be hosting a christmas tea party at an old folks home.Anyone care to join us? =D

Funny... I wonder why we don't continually give and spread cheer and hope throughout the year... why wait till Christmas? *Guilt stricken*

memory_Lane said...

talk about pessimistic ... this year i chose not to be apart of my church's Christmas celebration. bluntly, i'm getting a little tired of the annual programs the church does. maybe anon#1 is right. the idea that the church gets enough attention is true. maybe we should take it out to the streets or elsewhere .. .

sodium chloride said...

Good also to note that remembering the Lord's death & resurrection is specifically mentioned in the bible, adding extra brownie points to the significance of Good Friday/Easter.

And no need to crack your head so much, just get me a pair of biofins :P

HL said...

Don't save it all for Christmas day. Give a little cheer everyday.

Pessimism will be dispelled by the light of dawn, the Dayspring of life.

Biofins? Aper tu? Boleh makan ka? :P