Monday, November 19, 2007

Busy busy

This is what I've been doing during my free time... :)

David & Grace

Peter & Kae Jeen

Aaron & Yip Wei

Mun Yew & Evelyn


lina said...

And so... hmm... should I or should I not... Speak now or forever keep my silence... hmmm... what the heck... A person under stress will be forgiven for anything hor?

Here goes... from photographer to bestman and next in line... the groom? =D
Kawan... slow cooker also got limit, ok? Nasi jadi porridge.. and porridge jadi... nasi bakar (?)
Anyway... I rest my case and have a good day =D

[Oh wait... disclaimer clause. I shall not be liable for any inconvenience or consequences which you or anyone may suffer due to my statement/comments made herein. (sorry... occupational hazard =D)]

HL said...

Erm, you are supposed to komen on the fotos la. Like, nice colour, or bad composition, or too dark, or great perspective... :)

Nevertheless, the management of chromazoe takes all readers comments seriously. We strive to provide the highest levels of reading and viewing pleasure to our visitors. So, thank you for your feedback. This matter will be discussed at the next board meeting.

memory_Lane said...

I especially like the picture of Peter and Kae Jeen. How did you do that? And btw, why Chromazoe?

lina said...

ohh... sorry... had the comments in mind but slipped due to unforeseen circumstances (low resistance to temptation has allowed the security to be breached) ;0

Let's see, comments on photos... hmmm... Generally, quite good & still room for improvement... 2nd photograph is nice (mixed B&W and colour).
I am kinda curious about the 3rd photograph? What's the object/ perspective/focus? (sorry, me no talk photography language... so hopefully you understand my question)

HL said...

Memory_lane: You are really piquing my curiosity.

I used Picasa. Focal B&W effect. It's the lazy man's method, coz I still don't know how to use Photoshop. :P

If you tell me who you are, I'll tell you what chromazoe means... haha. OK la, chroma = colour, zoe = life. So, colours of life. I simply made it up, from the Greek components.

lina: 3rd photograph is just a wide angle of the couple giving the thank you speech. I thought the ceiling looked quite pretty. I also thought of putting a different picture for each couple.

Thank you very much. :)

memory_Lane said...

curious is good :P wow...interesting how you came up with the name...and surely your blog is living up to its name :) and... lazy man's method or not, i still don't know how you did that but yeah, my first thot was the color gives an instant emphasis on the couple and not the surroundings. well, it also kinda gives it a feeling 'of ... newness'. haha...maybe due to the B&W contrast (shrug) :)

ge said...

comment on photos:
Wah lau wei!!!" i LOVE the peter and kae jeen one!! did you ask them to do that or they came up with it? that one was really good. Somemore right at where they got married - not in some studio or whatever.

As i mentioned to you at Aaron's wedding (i think - can't remember, you seem to be in every single wedding..), make this into a business eh? can call it Chromazoe. and you can have real board meetings then ;p

p.s. i KNOW what you mean by photoshop. will try picasa again..

HL said...

m_l: Yup, the colour is meant to draw attention to the subject. Thank you for the encouragement. I think I should try more black and white shots.

ge: The pro photographer set up the scene and I just tagged along. With some practice, you can do this scene too. ahahahaha.

Thanks for the business idea, although I have a feeling the name is not so suitable for a business -- sounds too alien for an Asian market.

Anon#1 said...

LOL ( @ comment no.1) - there seems to be a recurring theme in your blog commentaries - *snigger*

nice pics

I especially like pic no#3 = unusual zoomed-out back-view wide-angle composition ( to complement the compulsory frontal close-ups ) - detail: nice glow on groom’s side profile - almost a surreal air to the whole pic -

Do u experiment with cropping your pics? it’s a fast, easy way to further strengthen the composition and make the picture more dramatic, dynamic

i) putting the object NOT in the centre ( asymmetry creates interest ) but shift it all the way to one side, with large portions of background/foreground on the other side (or at top or at bottom )
( similar to what u have done with pic no#2 ) except even more :)

ii) putting the object right up against the edge of the picture to the point of cropping the object itself ( eg. cutting off part of an object is an effective method to bring focus to it – it looks as though the object is “bursting at the seams" of the photo - ie. more dynamic/ intimate )

( hard to describe with words so if I am up to it, maybe later do u a cropped version of your one of your pics to show u what I mean ;) ) coz i am a big fan of “lopped object” shots and promote it with evangelical zeal :) )

but then again, it's subjective - most ppl don't appreciate having their heads/faces partially lopped off :P

CHARIS said...

Oh, so Peter and Kay Jean finally kissed ;)

HL said...

anon#1: Whoa! So many comments. And so detailed. Thanks.

Evidently, the recurring theme was started by you! haha.

Yes, I've seen those "lopped off" pictures. I do that for close up portrait shots. Very visually striking, but a bit too unconventional for some people.

I also try not to put the subject dead centre. I follow the two-thirds rule. But there are exceptions to the rule. Creative licence applies. Besides asymmetry, there is also antisymmetry. To really push the subject to the edge, you need a wide angle lens, like a 12mm.

Cropping is for farmers, and photographers who can't get it right the first time. Haha. Just kidding. Yea, cropping is a very effective way to highlight the subject and cut out clutter. I should try that more often. The "problem" with cropping is that you may end up with dimensions (e.g. square) that do not fit the standard aspect ratios of photo paper. You'll have to print on larger paper and cut it.

charis: What do you mean "finally"? Haha. With some practice, you too can pull off this scene with the Kidd ya? I can take the photo for you... :P

Anonymous said...

i agree on the "lopped off". Not everyone appreciate their forehead 'sliced'. Having more than one photographer in a wedding is not only necessary, but there'll be variety of different shots. Disc A for almost everyone. Disc B for hmm..those sensitive ones. hahaha, ok, it's really not as bad as I described it. Being a photograher, as much as we are appreciated for our style, mutual respect and consideration must go hand-in-hand.

yaya, two-thirds are just guideline. once a friend saw through my life-view and commented 'bad composition'. with due respect, i did not see a need to re-compose. two-thirds in reference book often doesn't do justification to composition. Instead of asymmetry, I prefer the word 'balance'. Even if a couple is placed completely to the left, it's still fine if i can have something to balance on the right. It's element of art, for eg. space & colour. Balance has always been a natural to our eyes. With practice, your fingers know when to press the shutter.

and yes, i agree on the crop factor too !!! haha, your way of putting it is just so funny.

btw, I'm not the regular anonymous. I'm Almost Stranger.

memory_Lane said...

whoa...these comments are getting sooo...technical. i've no idea what you guys are discussing here. i'm one who can never take good pictures, which is why whenever anyone says "can you help take pictures during the event?" i'll be like, "umm...better don't let me hold the camera, else there won't be anything to remember by after the event." haha...i just know how to appreciate good pictures taken by others who are way better than me. i see a nice picture, i compliment it :) As simple as that.

anon#1 said...

HL: yarleh, yarleh – cropping ( and other forms of post-editing ) is for “amateurs”
( ie. people who simply point n shoot ( simply hentam first, then try to fix it later :P ), ppl who do not own a DSLR, wide angle lens etc.etc. ) … SO THANK U VERY MUCH FOR RUBBING IT IN … :-S

Almost Stranger: need to “respect” and be “sensitive” to your objects ONLY during their weddings :). Other than that ( eg. during other functions ), no need wan lerrr !! :P . It’s your camera, you can do anything u want :). U can leave "mutual respect" and "consideration" at home. :) Just Go ahead and lop off their heads! :)

Anonymous said...

hi anon#1 : yes, that's what i do. just that i don't show them which part of their body i left out. haha. not only during their wedding though, what if they are already married ? :-)

ireneQ said...

Ah, I have been missing all the weddings. Was not invited to any of them :P -- so it's great to see your pics. Linda did invite me to hers next weekend, but I had to regretfully decline.