Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ipoh dreamin'

Gua Tempurung


Wind tunnel

Gettin' down

Visitors from another world

Lion head

Elephant head

Back to life




To die for

Eat this, Starbucks!


This is where you wanna be

Old school


Public transport schedule... where do you want to go today?

Mercedes in the rain

Time in contrast

Bowling in perspective?

Start your engines...

Two's company

Ewww, or Yumm?



Uh, flower?



ge said...

beautiful as usual :)

HL said...

Oh thank you.

nicole said...

if i am not mistaken, it is called passiflora, or passion flower

sue said...

very unique shots... :-)

CHARIS said...

Great work! Arrrrgh...I miss Malaysian food so much...watching cheap and delicious food is crue. CRUEL :(

ze said...

I was browsing thru some blogs that I came upon your blog.

I am just happy that there are still people who find Ipoh fascinating. Most of the people that I encounter consider Ipoh as a dead town except for the yummy food.
No matter what, Ipoh will always have a special place in my heart!!

By the way, the pictures are simply marvelous.

HL said...

Nicole: You're right! Thanks for the ID. Wikipedia says passion flower (Passiflora) is a genus of about 500 species of flowering plants in the family Passifloraceae. They are mostly vines, with some being shrubs, and a few species being herbaceous.

Sue: Thanks. It helps that the scenery is unique. That's half the job done. I just have to look out for it and click.

Charis: Haha. But pictures don't do justice to the aroma and texture of the foooood. No char kuey teow in Texas?

ze: Hi, thanks for the compliments. Ipoh is my dad's hometown, so by extension, it's sort of my hometown also. It's a great place, although the grass is often greener on the other side.

JC said...

aww.. you made me miss Ipoh so much. Haven't been back for some time. Hope to go back by end of the year. And nice photos!

kat said...

the cave is unforgettably beautiful.

HL said...

jc: Thanks. Ipoh isn't that far away... :)

kat: Amen.

Anonymous said...

loki, your pics are amazing! i knew you were in photography but had no idea you were so good!! :)

your old friend from Portland !!

HL said...

Hello Portland! Thanks for the compliments. It's easier nowadays with digital cameras. How's the weather over there? :)

Anonymous said...

i have a digital too but i can't get it to look anywhere near as shocking as yours!! it's getting colder loki! gosh!! we had a foggy morning today (reminds me of a an old song) but the sun visited us in the day. it was lovely with a crisp in the air. :)i'm working in the library now being serenaded by some jazz masters. a bit of quiet before the jocks of the school all rush in here after their basketball practice. :)come visit my blog ya. you know how to find me!


HL said...

OK, I thought you were going into hibernation since winter is coming...

Wow, there's jazz in the library?! Cool. But how to concentrate leh?

Try using the macro mode to take close-ups with your digital camera.

Anonymous said...

hey by the way, what's your email address huh? do you have a facebook?


HL said...

i've emailed to your hotmail acc.

mistyJo Anne said...

omg, ur photos are breath-taking!

HL said...

Thanks. :)