Saturday, September 08, 2007

MIFC 2007

Team Malaysia
Grand Opening
18 August 2007

Still learning to shoot fireworks with remote-controlled bulb shutter... my timing was out.


Team Japan
Merdeka Eve
31 August 2007

The best of the three shows...


Team Global
Grand Finale
2 September 2007

I didn't get many good shots this time... I even pressed the remote control button wrongly on the last 4 frames.

*The last 3 photos were taken by Daryl


nicole said...

wow, great pix. felt like i saw it live!

wolfdash said...

great pix dudes...wish i was there too...sigh....good work with the cam man...

lina said...

Ok what... I kind of like the out of timing ones. Don't know... I guess some imperfection has their own beauty =D

Shoot more... very soon you will be shooting for those upmarket magazines =)

HL said...

Nicole: Thanks. But you gotta hear the sound and music that goes with the fireworks. It adds to the effect. Some of the fireworks made sounds as they flew around.

Wolfdash: Ipoh no fireworks? I saw a fireworks display at the Ipoh padang a few years ago. It was the Sultan's birthday or something. I was at FMC, and the fireworks were exploding directly overhead. Cool.

Lina: Timing was a bit tricky, coz we had to guess what was coming next. I overexposed a number of shots coz I didn't count how long the shutter had been open... Nikon doesn't show a timer during bulb exposure, but Canon does... oh well. Some of my shots went up to 24 secs! Not sure about upmarket mags... maybe Nat Geo one day...?

lina said...

Practise makes perfect, my friend and am sure you will get a hang of it pretty soon. BTW... you and your cam... For richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part =D

AND... I will pray (doubly hard) that you will get to be on Nat Geo... and for my remuneration, I want credit to be given to me and an authographed publication. Hahaha... peace mate!

CH said...

hey...really nice photos!!! U gotta teach me!! And btw how much does the remote control costs?? I am looking into buying a D80 but i will probably underuse it... :p see how is my turn to have a crisis..Nikon vs Canon...why one leh?

HL said...

lina: Practice makes perfect? That's assuming you practice correctly. Otherwise, you'll just be reinforcing the wrong practice. I prefer to say practice makes permanent.

No la, I wouldn't die for my cam. It's just a tool. I use it. I don't cherish it with all my heart. OK, maybe just a little.

ch: Remote costs 80 bucks. Probably less if you haggle. I think you can get generic brands. I got an original coz I didn't have time to look for a cheaper no-brand one.

Get the Canon 40D. Don't worry about underusing it. You can always lend it to me.

little black dress said...

i might know why u didnt get good shots during the grand finale. i saw the whole set of pictures u've taken that nite. u might be too distracted. and the distraction comes in 3. hehehehe. :)
still good shots mr. lee.

lina said...

hmm... if practice makes permanent... I should be expecting an autographed edition of nat geo very soon hor? thank you in advance ;)

Anonymous said...

hey hl- a question, did you go every nite to watch fireworks... ?? man, that is a lot of pictures...

t-yee (ssgc - some folks recomended your blog, they said it has nice pix) I agree.

HL said...

lbd: ??? ...thanks anyway. :)

lina: dream more, pray harder.

t-yee: i'm trying to figure out your initials... thanks for the kind words. ssgc folks recommended? oh wow.

No i did not go every night. If you noticed the sub-headings in the post, i went on the opening (18 Aug), Merdeka eve (30 Aug) and closing (2 Sept). Each night i took about 60 shots of the fireworks. Well, each show was approx. 20 mins, so, taking 3 shots per min, that works out to 60+ shots per night. Only about half the shots turned out well.

CW said...

hey, HL. excellent shots. one day if u decide to open a studio, i'll bring my whole gang to see ur masterpieces. anyway,i went to the team Aust. superb feast to the eye... winner some more.aiya.. u shd have gone tht time.wrote abt it in my blog sans pics.

HL said...

heheh, I need to improve on the "masterpieces" before opening for public viewing. A lot of the "masterpieces" are in online "galleries" already, but I guess nothing beats seeing it in hardcopy.

Yea, Australia won. Too bad I didn't go that night. I'm glad you and family got to see the best show.