Thursday, August 30, 2007

NUS dreamin'

Lots of things to blog about, but not enough time to write.

Anyway, I had a weird dream early this morning. Dunno why, dreams are usually weird. This is one of the few that I can remember... and even now, the memory of it is quickly slipping away. Better jot it down before I forget.

I somehow found myself at the National University of Singapore which happened to be in Jurong (weird?). I think I sneaked in, and I was wearing a fluorescent reflective safety vest, like those that construction crew wear. Next I remember, I was sitting in a lecture hall, listening to an Indian guy delivering a lecture on some ground-breaking innovation (can't remember what). He was very lively. After the lecture, the whole hall erupted in applause. I looked around and saw that the hall was only half full, with mostly Chinese Singaporean university students chatting in Mandarin. Then I walked out the front gate. Later I returned because I had accidentally taken something (I think it was a football) which I had to return. There was a group of students playing football at the entrance, so I just passed the ball to one of them. Then I walked away. And I woke up.

So, there you go.


CH said...

happy merdeka day!

nicole said...

you have been to NUS before?

HL said...

ch: God save the Queen!

nicole: Yes, I visited NUS once in May 1998. Long time ago.

CHARIS said...

You are reluctant to close the chapter of your education. Truth is, despite your present job security, you still harbour hopes of furthering your studies one day. You wonder, though, if and when you do end up in grad. school, whether you would feel strange being back in a student environment. The good news is that despite the uncertainties of your future, you remain a good and honest guy - the one whom we all know and love ;) !

HL said...

The psychoanalyst speaks... perhaps I should listen. :)