Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Earth Citizen

Following from Chloe and Nicole, I hereby declare the countries I've visited, or at least set foot on -- UAE and Taiwan were just stopovers in the airport. I've not been to China, only to Hong Kong. The map is a bit misleading -- it colours the entire country regardless of which area you've been to. So even if you've visited just one teeny weeny little village on the border, the whole country will be coloured anyway. Like, I've only been to Bali, but all the Indonesian islands are coloured as if I've also been to Sumatra and Irian Jaya and Sulawesi (how I wish!). Also, the relative sizes of the countries tend to distort the scale of reference. For instance, if you've visited just one city in the US but five cities in the UK, the US would still dominate the map due to its massive size. I wish I could colour the ocean red too. :)


nicole said...

it looks like you have been to iceland too. did you? or is that canada?

HL said...

Where? No I've never been to Iceland, and it's not coloured red in my map. The Iceland that you saw is probably a part of Canada that looks like the real Iceland that is east of Greenland.