Tuesday, June 12, 2007


God is the Master Artist
The sky is His canvas
The light is His paint

Kota Kinabalu

3 reasons why I like sunsets:

1. I don't have to wake up early to catch a sunset
2. The colours never fail to inspire
3. There's usually dinner after the show


nicole said...

I like the pix with the glasses most :) And I like the purple hues :) Where is this? Have you gotten your new camera?

HL said...

All at Kota Kinabalu, May 2005.
No, not yet, but very neeear. Almost. Within my lifetime, definitely. :) The scale is tipping... the clock is ticking... the heart is freating... and the bank account will be depleting...

CH said...

u like sun set hur...but sun rise is also beautiful..very very colourful..if one happen to be 10,000 ft above (on the plane), sunrise is really really different up there..I will try to take a photo of sun rise the next time i fly home... I will remember to ask for a window seat again..

HL said...

Yea, the prettiest sunset I've ever seen was from the plane during an evening flight, immediately after take off from KLIA. The burst of sunrays through the clouds was simply spectacular. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me...