Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christmas in June

I know, it's June, it's summertime, but I've been captivated these past few days by Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong album. It was released last October but I only heard it last week. It's meant for Christmastime, but who cares. Listening to Silent Night in mid June is fine with me. Besides, the song Song for a Winter's Night just blew me away.

Other good stuff getting airtime on my speakers lately have been the albums
Arriving and See the Morning by Chris Tomlin, Top of My Lungs by Phillips, Craig & Dean and Wherever You Are by Third Day. Earlier, I was listening to a borrowed copy of Casting Crowns by Casting Crowns, but unfortunately it seems to be out of stock at the shops.


nicole said...

oooohhh can i borrow them when I am back and copy them into my itunes? pleeeeease?

See-Why said...

very rare can anyone see things differently in a different way. Like Christmas in June...where hardly a single sign of jingle bells at sight

HL said...

nicole: Sure, but some of them are borrowed stuff so I'll have to get them again, unless I buy my own copy in the meantime. :)

see-why: Very rare? Different? Maybe I'm just weird. :P But, come to think of it, it's now winter in the southern hemisphere, so Christmas in June would be winter-y in places like Aus, NZ and Chile.

Lina said...

Well... Christmas is just 6 months away and to be exact 181 days away =D Before you know it, we will be all preparing for concerts and plays and parties etc...

If you are allowed to listen to music at work... muah who has the whole room to herself and the priviledge to blast (not so loud but loud enough to keep one awake) music at work... try
Quite cool selection of songs.

Casting Crowns' album? I think I saw it at the shop behind my office called Ebenezeer about a month ago. Do you want me to get it if they still have stock? My colleague has a discount card =)

HL said...

You may also try for some Christian alternative music.

Yea, sure, get the album if it's available. Get the first music-only album, not the "Live in Atlanta" with DVD.