Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spiderman 3

Verdict: I like it.

Halfway through, I almost thought I'd give the movie a thumbsdown, until the last section of the movie tied everything together nicely. I felt that everything was getting too dark and there were too many complex, parallel and confusing plots and characters, but the atmosphere changed towards the last 20% of the show, and the resolution at the end was pretty neat.

My conclusion is that the whole debacle started because Mary Jane didn't tell Peter that she had been fired from the musical. Well, OK, I'm not blaming either party. No wait, I'm blaming BOTH parties. MJ, for not telling, and Peter, for not asking. That made MJ feel rejected, misunderstood and unloved. It did not help that Peter was too engrossed in his superhero duties and thus seemed insensitive to MJ's desire for a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. And it also made Peter unable to understand why MJ was giving him the cold shoulder, despite his attempts to encourage her, which unfortunately were interpreted as condescending and egocentric, talking about HIM when it was supposed to be about HER. He thought he was helping her. She thought he was too self-absorbed. Oh boy, is this like real life or what?

Still, I don't understand why MJ didn't just shut Peter up and tell him that she had been fired, instead of walking off in a huff... and leaving a trail of misunderstanding which led to another mess of bad choices. And why didn't Peter just calm her down and give her a little extra attention instead of watching her walk off in a huff...?

Miscommunication, lack of communication, presumption, bitterness, pride. All these cause us much grief.

I Like:

1. I like how the dark side of Peter Parker emerges in the movie. My negative assessment during the movie was premature. Yeah, now I can say that I like it, because he didn't stay that way forever. Duh, it's a movie, I should have realised earlier.

2. I like the message of forgiveness. Peter actually says, "I forgive you." He releases his bitterness and vengeance and thus paradoxically becomes free from its blood-thirsty and self-destructive grip. Those who fester vengeful thoughts kill themselves in the process.

3. I like the message of "You always have a choice." Truly, life is about choices. Now, haven't I heard that somewhere before...

4. I like Aunt May's premarital counselling wisdom. Aunt May has the best and wisest lines in the movie. Peter is so blessed to have an aunt like that.

5. Harry redeems himself at the end. That was the most touching moment of the movie, when with his dying breath he calls Peter his friend. The funeral scene was moving too... Peter staying behind, all alone by the grave, under the rain...

6. Spidey/Peter did not kill off Goblin/Harry at the beginning. It was a tough decision, as Harry wanted Peter dead, but Peter still had compassion for his friend. I face this moral tug-of-war when I'm stuck in KL traffic jams and keep getting cut off by queue jumpers. I might face this dilemma too at the next general election. Ack! :)

7. Some other things I can't remember now.

I Had Problems With:

1. I don't like the lack of info about the black symbiotic glob. For people like me who have not read Spiderman 101, I have no idea how or why it works.

2. Spidey shouldn't have kissed Gwen Stacy. Hello?!? You have a girlfriend, remember!?! D-u-h! A peck on the cheek may be OK, but not that upside down French kiss. Similarly, what was MJ thinking when she kissed Harry?!? Just friends? Hello?!? :P

3. I didn't like the dark side of Spiderman. But then I realised that we humans are not that far off either. The Bible says that all have sinned. So, in effect, we are all black as tar in our hearts. My aversion to the darkness is probably due to the fact that I detest that very darkness in myself which makes me do things I don't want to do but yet do, and which leaves bitter aftertastes after the saccharine sweetness has worn off. The things I despise in others are often the very things I despise in myself, but which I subconsciously deny or outrightly refuse to admit. Oh God, save me from self-righteousness and bitter-root judgment.

4. Peter reaches deep within himself to choose right over wrong, good over evil. That's a good idea to teach. But as we know, no human can save himself totally. See, Spidey got rid of the black suit, but created Venom in the process. No matter how good we are, we can never be good enough, and we can never overcome sin by our human efforts. We need a SuperSaviour.

5. Spidey smashes Eddie Brock's Nikon D200 into the wall. I feel for the camera. Ouch!

6. Spidey did CPR wrongly. He forgot to give 2 rescue breaths before starting the chest compressions. The cycle is 2 breaths and 30 compressions. Repeat 5 times. Stop, check for breath. No breath? Continue 5 cycles again. Repeat. Spidey stopped after only less than 10 compressions. You're supposed to do it until the ambulance arrives, or you yourself drop dead, or the person revives.

7. Some other things I can't remember now.

I have a few niggling questions and reservations. Perhaps due to my ignorance of the bigger Spidey picture. I have not read any of the Spidey comic books. My apologies.

1. What was that black amorphous symbiotic glob from outer space? Does it merely enhance a person's physical powers and thereafter hope to incite the person's inherent evil desires, or does it actually take over the person's mind, will and emotions? How does it do that?

2. Where does Spidey anchor his web line when swinging around among the building tops? I mean, he's already at the top and there's no other structure above him, so where does he shoot the line to? The sky?

3. Particle physics test facilities have incredibly lax security. Just a big hole in the ground. No wall around, no roof over. It looked more like a kitty litter than a top-notch US government research facility.

4. No matter where Spidey loses his mask -- and he seems to lose it or tear it in every fight -- he always shows up in the next scene with a mask in his hand. Does he carry a spare mask in his pocket?

5. Sandman could have easily killed Spidey by burying him under tons of sand, instead of trying to pound him to death with a sand fist. But no, that would be too easy.

6. Why didn't the butler tell Harry earlier?!?!! Oh, but that would spoil the effect.


wolfdash said...

Hey dude...i will try to answer some of ur questions as i was part of the those in the great comicdom.
1. The black thing is actually an alien symbiote with powers of its own. When attached to a host it enhances the host's powers. 1st seen in the great marvel crossover series Secret Wars, which is awhole gamut of info by itself. It's actually sentient so even if spidey is sleeping it can keep spidey in sleep mode while moving itself and spidey all over town. It doesn't take over anything but enhances aggresiveness. Spidey was easyly beaten by venom coz the glob figured out how the spidey sense work thus making itself immune to spidey sense.
2. No idea. Possible answer is he shot downwards and pulled harder to propel himself upwards.
3. I find it weird that the fence is not electrified.
4. You think that's weird? Spidey get his mask torn off only 0.01% of time in the comics.
5. Sand is quite loose without form so theoratically spidey can shoot him web from the sand and save himself. Pounding fist makes it impossible to not feel the pain.
6. I'm also wondering why the fella din tell him. But in the comics Harry never believed spidey and dies in the end of cancer bcoz of taking the goblin superhuman potion.
Hope that enlightens your goodself a little. Hehe! Cheerio dude!

HL said...

Hey Wolfdash, thanks a lot. That really helps. And so, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, the answers to my questions! Hotel Lima, over and out. :)

Paul said...

*sigh* have yet to see the movie ...

mistyJo Anne said...

My guess is that MJ didnt tell Peter about being fired because she needed time to get over her misery & she is feeling powerless, with underlying hidden desires to be Spider-woman ..=)

Then she realises that not everybody receives the same kind of special-magicPOWERs like Spiderman .. so she go and find a normal-guy to talk to lor.. *coz she didnt know that other guy also has special powers right?*

Then again maybe she forgot, God grants gifts with invisible powers to all who declares, believes and acknowledges His Name...!

but WHY Peter didnt comfort her etc. I don know ler, maybe he couldnt catch her in time coz she run off too quickly?

The Hedonese said...

i dun understand the part when MJ 'rejected' Peter bcos of the New Goblin sorts 'threatened' her - how does that work? what cud he possibly have said that wud force her to do something like tat??

HL said...

Please go watch it and lemme know your review. How much does a movie ticket cost in NZ?

Whoa, your answer is rather deep... yea God gives us (spiritual) gifts, but it's a good thing we don't have to get bitten by an insect in order to receive it.

Peter and MJ were miscommunicating throughout the movie. I found it odd that they didn't carry mobile phones, in this day and age.

Yea, that part too. I was puzzled about how Harry managed to manipulate MJ. Couldn't she have given some secret signal to Peter? Or dropped a note or something? Harry/Goblin was watching from so far away, he wouldn't have been able to see or hear it happen.

Best answer: It's just a movie lah.

DarthVader said...

With little or no expectations, I found that this actually turned out to be the best of the trilogy. The slower pace suited me fine, with the story building along nicely. The fact that the Sandman was "dicovered" to be Uncle Ben's killer perhaps stretched things a little too far. The extra drama with Mary Jane was also perhaps a little unnecessary.

What clinched it for me was the tag-team action between Spidey and Gob. Pity about Harry Osborn. I can imagine a few ways he coulda saved Spidey besides throwing himself in front of the blades.

Guess Spidey is meant to be a one-man superhero.

It's comic book adaptation, so I guess normal physics is out the window.

HL said...

What slower pace? There were a bit too many villains and multiple storylines for my liking, but at least they didn't leave too many loose ends hanging. Will there be Spidey 4?