Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rays of dawn

Hallelujah! Jesus is alive!

Sunrise along the summit trail to Low's Peak, Mt Kinabalu.

The first rays of dawn bursting forth,
signalling the dawn of a new day,
and symbolizing new hope and new life,
as on that Resurrection morning two millenia ago.


Sue said...

beautiful pic! Did u snap it?

HL said...

Yeah. This is one of the reasons why people climb the mountain. :)

Sue said...

i wana go! next year!! hehe... beautiful... majestic splendor

Guat said...

you've been up there THREE times!?! wow, you must really love it.. yeah, well, the scenery speaks for itself, eh? :)

i should not go with you (if ever) cause i'd be the one who would sloooowwwwww everyone down :P

HL said...

Yeah, 3 times. I don't mind going again... :)

Well, you'll never know how slow or fast you can go until you try.