Monday, April 23, 2007



A flutterby in the sky,
seeking new heights up so high.
I beckon it to come nigh,
in vain attempt, so I sigh.

I wonder, is this a lie?
Can flutterby's really fly?
Oh yes, they can, don't you cry,
For flutterby's wings are sly.

This poem did not comply.
Exasperated was I,
'til I realized: Flutterby?
'Tis butterfly with glazed eye.


Call me crazy, but the little "poem" above just popped up in my mind
earlier this evening while I was waiting for the Bible lecture to start.

And now, the important stuff...

The lecture was on Romans 6:1-11 -- died to sin and alive in God.

1. A Christian cannot continue in a life dominated by sin, because a Christian has a new master, Jesus. Sin is the old master who still hangs around, barks orders and whispers lies. But sin has lost its power and control over a Christian's life.

2. Jesus has conquered sin and death by His death and resurrection. Whoever believes in Jesus has been set free and is no longer a slave to sin. Jesus not only paid the penalty for sin, He also broke the power of sin. Where humanity was dead in sin, now believers in Jesus are dead to sin. Sin has lost its hold on those who trust in Jesus. The extent of the Holy Spirit's work in a believer's life is dependent on the willingness and obedience of that believer. The choice is ours.

3. Believers are to count themselves dead to sin and alive to God. The way we behave shows what we believe. It's time to listen to the new master, Jesus.


nicole said...

Flutterby is so pretty! You created this?

HL said...

Yea, in a serendipitous moment of inspiration.

Guat said...

man, you wrote that while waiting for lecture time??!! HAHAHA!!! i really like it!! :) *hats off to Mr. Super Creative*

HL said...

No la, I got only the keywords and a rough mental outline while waiting. I wrote/typed it out after getting home. :) My creativity hits me in unpredictable spurts...