Friday, March 16, 2007

Random Images

Orchids at home, May 2004

Lotus at a pond in Ipoh, January 2006

Pulau Tioman in blue, April 2006

Afternoon at the Marine Park Centre, Pulau Tioman, April 2006

School bell at Chefoo, Cameron Highlands, Dec 2003

Happy family, Pulau Mabul, May 2005

Nice teeth! Kota Kinabalu, May 2005

Feline stare, Kota Kinabalu, May 2005

Cat, Pulau Tioman, April 2006

Death becomes a kitty on the floor of a derelict apartment in Port Dickson, April 2006

The odd one out, Port Dickson, April 2006

Solar power on Mount Kinabalu, May 2005

Tawau airport, May 2005

Tioman airport, April 2006

Sunset at Kota Kinabalu, May 2005


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Nice shots, especially the school bell and the sunset in KK. What camera do you use, may I ask?

CH said...

what's with you and cats? Why not dogs? DOn't you agree that dogs are cuter animals?

But really nice photos lo...all of it...

Rudi said...

Used your KK sunset pic this morning as background for projected lyrics in church, without realising at the time that it was one of your pics.


HL said...

Anonymous: Thanks. I use a Canon EOS 1000FN with Tamron 28-200 lens, with Fuji Superia Xtra 400 film. Yes, I am old school. Haven't "upgraded" to digital yet. But it's a matter of time...

CH: Dunno, cats are more common, I guess. Also, dogs are not so good posers. They don't sit still. :P

Rudi: Haha, perhaps I should copyright the pics. :) But seriously, it's good to know that my pics are appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Checked it out online. It's a vintage! =D

Liked the fact that it is on film- must be technically more challenging.

I take photographs, too- sometimes, and still at point-and-shoot level.

HL said...

I point and shoot too. Difference is that it's with an SLR. And sometimes I take a long time to point and even longer to shoot. :)

Cameras are just tools. It' how you use them. Point and shoot cameras can deliver fantastic results too. Try macro mode.


Awesome!!! Keep 'em coming, Mister Catman :) I'm still struggling with the basics...hope you can give me some tips when I get back, yah.

nicole said...

Hey weirdo, you are tagged. Check out my blog to find out what it is you are to do.

Anonymous said...

Someone once told me that the best cameras are in the eyes. I agree that cameras are just tools. Very useful tools, that is. =D

Will practice on the macro shots. But, my favs are still panoramic/perspective shots.

Do show us more of your shots once in a while. They are educational!

thundered cat said...

i like the photos of the cats, particularly the dead one. i like the details and colors (or the lack of it).

HL said...

Charis: Read a lot, look at other people's pics, and just shoot.

Thundered Cat: Yea, cats are good photo subjects.