Friday, March 16, 2007


I had a weird dream last night... oh no, wait, it was early this morning, at dawn, in the twilight zone between slumber and awakening. I can't remember the details of the dream, except for two persons who appeared in the dream. Could this dream be a message from God? Or was it my imagination?


nicole said...

you didn't elaborate; how to tell?

CH said...

Who are the people in your dream? Was it a nice dream? Or a bad dream? A lucid dream? How can a dream be your imagination? It can only be either from GOd, or most of the time, just a way your subconcious mind trying to express itself. What was the last thing you thought about before u fall asleep??! :p

Have you seen the show 'Vanilla Sky' before?

HL said...

I'm looking for a modern day Daniel who can tell me the dream and interpret it as well. :)

I really don't remember the dream storyline. The two people I remember were from my school days. One was a girl I had a crush on, the other was her sister. That's why I said it was a weird dream.

The only vanilla I know is ice cream.

el'z said...

sounds like the sort of dreams guys would be happy getting. 2 girls sumore ! whoa. means prosperity !! or maybe ur jst complicated ;p

shots above -> so nice!!! i like the school bell, odd fishy & sunset at kk shots. :)

HL said...

komplikated sungguh aku ni. Tolong!!! =)

It's weird because I had not thought of the 2 subjects of my dream for donkey years. And then they suddenly appear in dreamland! It was not a bad dream. There were a few other people but I only remember the 2...? Oh well, no big deal. Let's see what I'll dream tonight... if I remember.